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As a stockbroking firm with over 50 years of experiece in the securities market, we understand your every financial decision. Our portfolio services assist investors to build wealth and income over the long term through stockmarket investment.

BP Bernstein provides the platform for the design, construction, implementation, ongoing management and reporting of these individually tailored portfolios.

3rd Party Transfers

As a financial institution, and to assist with the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, B P Bernstein have undertaken to assist by building a stronger, more ethical financial services industry.

Therefore, B P Bernstein will not be making any third-party pay-outs going forward, nor will we do internal transfers between client accounts that are not in your own name, as this constitutes a third party pay -out.

Furthermore, we will NOT accept any funds from an account which is not in your own name. Any transfers received into your Brokerage account must be paid out of the bank account on file or from a bank account in the name of the account holder.

Any funds received from an account other than in the name of the account holder is considered a 3rd party transfer, and B P Bernstein will be required to follow certain regulatory procedures.

Examples of third-party deposits that are NOT allowed:

  • A deposit from a founder, trustee, or beneficiary of the trust
  • A deposit from a company is made to a B P Bernstein account holder, regardless of whether the account holder is a director or shareholder of the company.
  • A deposit from a family member, including spouses.

    Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

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